A study and implementation of a new health care policy for logan county

References Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and other chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability and the leading drivers of health care costs in the United States 1. Health disparities and inequalities exist across chronic diseases, behavioral risk factors, environmental exposures, social determinants, and health care access by sex, race and ethnicity, income, education, disability status, and other social characteristics 2. Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data on chronic diseases and related risk factors is vital to understanding and raising awareness about morbidity, mortality, associated costs, and disparities.

A study and implementation of a new health care policy for logan county

Homebound instruction is provided for students enrolled in Logan County Schools who are unable to attend school because of a temporary physical or emotional disability.

Homebound instruction can be administered in the home or other appropriate location. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students enrolled in a Logan County School, but unable to attend on a temporary basis, are provided with instruction by a certified teacher in accordance to West Virginia Board of Education Policy Assuring Quality of Education using approved course content standards.

Homebound instruction services are not to exceed 9 nine weeks without a revaluation and recommendation by the physician.

A licensed physician must provide a written statement on the proper form to the county school district. The written statement must include: Pregnancy is not a legitimate reason to recommend homebound instruction unless medical complications prevent the student from attending school.

Each pregnant student should be encouraged to attend school and participate in all aspects of education with support of the school nurse and under the supervision of the physician.

A physician my recommend homebound instruction if medical complications prevent school attendance before the expected delivery date. The student is eligible for six weeks of homebound instruction after delivery date. Students who are recommended for homebound instruction for emotional reasons, i.

If appropriate, the treatment plan may include a specific time of transition needed to assist the student in returning to full-day attendance.

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Instruction is provided at a time when a responsible adult is in the home. Homebound teachers will not be given more than 2 two students at a time unless circumstances exist which requires special consideration. Homebound Instruction provided for an exceptional student is an extension of the Individualized Educational Plan IEP and regular school programs of study in which that student participated.

A change in educational placement is mandated by Policy Scheduling options need to be discussed with the school counselor.

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West Virginia Department of Education and Logan County School approved content standards are to be used for all courses taught. Homebound instruction is provided for students according to the Logan County Schools calendar for instructional days.

Any changes in the instructional schedule must have prior approval. The time at which the instruction will be provided in the home or other approved location is established by the teacher, parent s and when appropriate, county school district administrator.

Instructional hours shall be scheduled as follows: A student who is unable to participate in a regular school setting is considered a member of the school and classes.

Since the homebound instruction is a temporary situation, the student needs a smooth transition back to school. The regular classroom teacher s must work with the homebound toward this goal. The regular classroom teacher s responsibilities are: To consider the student placed on homebound instruction as a member of the class.

To provide the homebound teacher with copies of lesson plans, worksheets, handouts, tests content standards and any other instructional aids or materials. To confer with the homebound teacher as needed regarding assignments, due dates, and grade reporting.

Responsibilities of the Homebound Teacher: The homebound teacher is responsible for delivering instruction to students unable to participate in a regular school setting. The teacher will provide the instruction in the home or other appropriate location.

Students are approved for homebound instruction to accommodate a temporary disabling condition.

A study and implementation of a new health care policy for logan county

The homebound teacher is to keep the temporarily disabled student abreast of what is presented in the regular classroom to make the transition back to school as smooth as possible. To deliver the authorized hours of instruction per week to the student in the designated location.

To make regular contact with the regular classroom teacher s so that the instruction delivered outside the school as close as possible to the instruction delivered in the classroom.

To turn-in grades to the regular teacher, or counselor of the homebound teacher when due. If the regular teacher desires to issue grades, the homebound teacher must submit all tests, quizzes, worksheets and all other materials for grading to the regular classroom teacher.

To not deliver instructions without a parent or other responsible adult present.

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To complete the Homebound Instruction Verification form in ink and have the adult present sign the form.

To turn in the Homebound Instruction Verification form to the Central office at the end of each pay period. To follow the goals and objectives of the IEP for special education students. To have the student and the home prepared for instruction when the homebound teacher arrives.Check out the Visit Logan website to find attractions, events and much more.

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Twenty percent of Logan County households (2,) responded to the anonymous survey. Engage DuPage is a collaborative initiative that was developed as a joint effort between the DuPage County Health Department (DCHD), Central DuPage Hospital, the DuPage Federation on Human Services Reform, and the DuPage Health Coalition.

Logan County Commissioners, Logan County Family Court, Bellefontaine Mayor, Indian Lake School District, Chamber of Commerce, Business /Community Leader, Family & Children First Council, Job & Family Services, Community Health & Wellness Partners, each coalition and Continuum of Care/Homeless Coalition.

Nov 28,  · It’s a brave new world of health care financing in which those with socioeconomic privilege are better positioned for success than others. Berliner and Kenworthy fear crowdfunding may be exacerbating socioeconomic inequalities.

The LCDPH responsibilities include maintaining a physician network of primary care providers and specialty care providers in all thirteen counties to address the healthcare needs of foster children. In addition, the LCDPH is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the network of HealthWorks providers and services.

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