A study of facebook the most popular social networking site

By Emily Banks From grandparents to teenagers, Facebook — the largest of the social networks — attracts users of all ages.

A study of facebook the most popular social networking site

Facebook and YouTube dominate this landscape, as notable majorities of U. At the same time, younger Americans especially those ages 18 to 24 stand out for embracing a variety of platforms and using them frequently.

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As has been the case since the Center began surveying about the use of different social media inFacebook remains the primary platform for most Americans. Roughly two-thirds of U. With the exception of those 65 and older, a majority of Americans across a wide range of demographic groups now use Facebook.

But the social media story extends well beyond Facebook. The video-sharing site YouTube — which contains many social elements, even if it is not a traditional social media platform — is now used by nearly three-quarters of U.

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And the typical median American reports that they use three of the eight major platforms that the Center measured in this survey. For example, the share of social media users who say these platforms would be hard to give up has increased by 12 percentage points compared with a survey conducted in early Different social media platforms show varied growth Facebook remains the most widely used social media platform by a relatively healthy margin: The Center has asked about the use of five of these platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest in several previous surveys of technology use.

And for the most part, the share of Americans who use each of these services is similar to what the Center found in its previous survey of social media use conducted in April The most notable exception is Instagram: The youngest adults stand out in their social media consumption As was true in previous Pew Research Center surveys of social media use, there are substantial differences in social media use by age.

At the same time, there are pronounced differences in the use of various social media platforms within the young adult population as well.

Americans ages 18 to 24 are substantially more likely to use platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter even when compared with those in their mid- to lates.


These differences are especially notable when it comes to Snapchat: With the exception of those 65 and older, Facebook is used by a majority of Americans across a wide range of demographic groups. But other platforms appeal more strongly to certain subsets of the population.

In addition to the age-related differences in the use of sites such as Instagram and Snapchat noted above, these are some of the more prominent examples: LinkedIn remains especially popular among college graduates and those in high-income households.

For more details on social media platform use by different demographic groups, see Appendix A. In addition to adopting Snapchat and Instagram at high rates, the youngest adults also stand out in the frequency with which they use these two platforms. The median American uses three of these eight social platforms As was true in previous surveys of social media use, there is a substantial amount of overlap between users of the various sites measured in this survey.

Most notably, a significant majority of users of each of these social platforms also indicate that they use Facebook and YouTube.Nov 04,  · They visit social sites the most, update and maintain their profiles more, and comment more, the study found.

More than 80% of Gen Z'ers check social networking sites at least weekly. A recent study shows that about 97% adults are on facebook in America(largest among other social media networks).The other reason why facebook is best social media at this time is that they add new features every time they launch new updates.

Along with being the most popular social media site, Facebook users also visit the site with high levels of frequency.

Fully 74% of Facebook users say they visit the site daily, with around half (51%) saying they do several times a day.

A study of facebook the most popular social networking site

Nov 04,  · Facebook beats the other social networking sites by a long-shot, too. LinkedIn, the next most popular site, claims only 28% of the U.S. adult online .

Nov 14,  · Social media strategist Vincenzo Cosenza has been charting the most popular social networks by country since His January World Map of Social Networks, based on traffic data from Alexa and SimilarWeb, reveals that Facebook is still the leader in .

Apr 14,  · The Piper Jaffray study "Taking Stock With Teens" polled about 6, U.S. teens to see what they felt was the most important social network, and Snapchat took 28% of votes.

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