Ashra e mubashra

All praise is due to Allah. We praise him and seek his help and forgiveness. And we bear witness that there is no true god but Allah, alone without any partners.

Ashra e mubashra

Did You KnowLast SahabaQuick FactsSahaba The Islamic Empire had stretched to a vast portion of the globe at that time, so in various parts of the empire people would value the remaining Sahaba, and historians have mentioned the last Sahabi in various parts of the empire.

He was young at that time, and he was asked, how your love for him was at that time. Historians have mentioned three different narrations for his death: He died in Makkah.

Ashra e mubashra

Adh-Dahabi says the correct opinion is that he died in th Hijri. As for other parts, the last sahabi to die in Basrah part of present day Iraq was: He remained as Imam of Salah in Basra for about 40 years.

Some historians mention his dead in 91st Hijri. Adh-Dhabi says the correct opinion is of 93rd Hijri. The last Sahabi to die in Madinah is: He has narrated many ahaadith.

The remarkable merit of Muawiya(RA) related to first naval expedition.

According to Al-Waqidi he died in 91st Hijri. Adh-Dahabi says many have quoted his death in 91st Hijri. His father was a Sahabi who attained Shahadah in the battle of Uhud.

He participated in the battle of Ahzaab and some narrators mention he was from amongst those who witnessed Badr. Al-Waqidi mentions his death in 78th Hijri. Adh-Dhahabi says he was 94 years old when he died. He was amongst those who opened the Island of Qabras in times of Uthman May Allah be pleased with him.

Many scholars have narrated from him. He died in 81st or 86th Hijri, and he was more than 80 years old. His father was also a Sahabi.

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He has narrated many Ahadith. According to al-Waqidi he died in the year 86th Hijri and he was blind at that time. Adh-Dahabi says he died in 88th Hijri and he was near years of age at that time.

Narrations mention his death to be in 85th or 86th or 87th Hijri, Adh-Dhahabi says that 86th Hijri is the correct opinion. Few scholars have narrated that many Sahabi Jinns existed many years later.The book Ashra Mubashra Ke Dilchasp Waqiat By Ibne Sarwar contains some events from the life of the ten companions of Holy Prophet who got a news of Jannat.

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Ashra e mubashra

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