Cheerleading over time essay

I went, and as watched the football team I could not help but notice all the new cheerleaders. I was once a cheerleader at Denham Springs High. It was very important to me. A cheerleader was who I was.

Cheerleading over time essay

It's nothing unusual for someone who spent their childhood twisting and tumbling through the air with little regard for human limitations. But what is strange is that her ligament snapped like a twig in practice more than a year ago.

Before Orangemen gave fans something to cheer about in the NCAA Tournament tiele game a year ago, the cheerleaders were the main attraction. In 10 football games, 21 basketball games and countless public appearances since, she's gritted her teeth and played through the pain.

And do everything you can to keep it stable," Bangaoil said, explaining a regimen that any sore-armed pitcher or gimpy-kneed offensive lineman might use. So go ahead, tell Bangaoil that cheerleading isn't a sport.

Tell her that the last year she spent downing Advil and bathing her knee in ice has been a waste. Instead, just tell Bangaoil what you really think -- that she's not an athlete. That she's nothing more than a glorified sex object, there to smile, look pretty and entertain the men.

And then watch out for her coach. You can't just go out there and act stupid. It's a dangerous activity. And there's absolutely no way that if you did it for one day you wouldn't come back saying it's a sport.

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In July, the University of Maryland became the first Division I-A school to recognize competitive cheerleading as a varsity sport and count it toward the its Title IX requirements. The move is one that drew praise from some, but criticism from others.

At one end of the argument are coaches like Vehling, who points to the gruesome injuries, the long hours, the agonizing training and those ultra-intense competitions as proof that cheerleading is much more than a stage for the prettiest girls on campus to flash their bloomers.

But there are those who say that, at best, cheerleading is a school activity with gifted young athletes. They say that national cheerleading competitions, in which teams choreograph high-risk routines for high-pressure performances that are measured against those from other schools, aren't enough to make it a sport.

Included among them is some of their own, like Texas coach Jeff Dieta. The Cowboys' cheerleaders have become as recognizable as the team's players on the field.

And we don't meet that definition," Dieta said. The kids are athletic.I tried cheerleading because that is what was "socially cool". If I had to at this moment make a list of the top 10 identity salience hierarchy components in my life, this is what they would be.

Cheerleading over time essay

/5(1). Cheerleading As A Sport Last year at the National High School Cheerleading Championship North Allegheny went only a few seconds over the time limit, which resulted in a deduction of points.

Ask that of a football player, and he most definitely will whine. It’s about time that people wise up and realize that cheerleaders and cheerleading are and is a sport.

Cheerleading takes dedication, sweat, and tears just like any other sport would require. They are tired of .

Cheerleading essaysI am a cheerleader. Yes, one of the girls who prisses around in a short skirt, pony tail bobbing from side to side, and a grin that could not possibly get any faker. I might be recognized as a bobbsy, airhead who only responds to the commands of "Ready?" "Okay!" and my only phys.

Cheerleading over time essay

Cheerleaders' creativity helps with essay writing, but academic papers can be challenging. This guide will help you handle essay writing like a champ! 6 School Essay Writing Tips for Cheerleaders - . Cheerleading- a sport commonly confused for a simple activity. I have been a cheerleader for eight years of my life, since I was six years old.

Take my word for it, it is fun, but it’s not easy.

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