Corporate social responsibility and good governance

Many companies produce externally audited annual reports that cover Sustainable Development and CSR issues "Triple Bottom Line Reports"but the reports vary widely in format, style, and evaluation methodology even within the same industry. In South Africa, as of Juneall companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE were required to produce an integrated report in place of an annual financial report and sustainability report. This requirement was implemented in the absence of formal or legal standards. One of the reputable institutions that capital markets turn to for credible sustainability reports is the Carbon Disclosure Projector CDP.

Corporate social responsibility and good governance

We work together to earn the trust and confidence of the public, our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. Our corporate governance framework, policies, and practices are described in detail in our annual proxy statement and the corporate governance section of our Investor Relations website.

Governance – Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility

Channels are provided to ensure that concerns can be raised and subsequently addressed. All Microsoft employees must complete an annual Standards of Business Conduct training course, available in 16 languages. In FY17, as in previous years, course completion was more than 99 percent.

In addition, mandatory trainings address the compliance risks of specific roles and business functions, while a variety of additional guidance options ensure awareness of our policies and our expectations for ethical behavior.

Working together with stakeholders We know that the decisions we make affect our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, suppliers, and communities.

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Microsoft receives input from millions of people each year—from individual customers to policymakers and global human rights specialists. We bring outside perspectives into the company and inform our business decisions through a variety of feedback channels.

And we go beyond formal channels, proactively engaging with key stakeholders, advocacy groups, widely recognized experts, CSR rating agencies, CSR-focused investors, and many others.

We also share our learnings and practices thereby generating industry dialogue, informing public debate, and advancing greater progress. The Microsoft Stakeholder Engagement in the Governance of Corporate Social Responsibility report shows the types of stakeholders we engage, how we engage with them, and examples of the results achieved.

Applying technology for environmental and social good Accessibility.Corporate the contribution made in CSR by the Governance can be defined as “the design Indian corporate houses is the area of of institutions that induce or force concern.

management to internalize the welfare of shareholders.” [Tirole, , p.4] CG is based on certain underlying principles Corporate Social Responsibility and Good. Social responsibility and financial performance: The role of good corporate governance.

Corporate social responsibility and good governance

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Social Responsibility and Good Governance are used interchangeably worldwide by individuals and corporations to show their associations with the activities carried out for the betterment of the society.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate sustainability, sustainable business, corporate conscience, corporate citizenship or responsible business) .

Governance of Corporate Social Responsibility - Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals. The corporate governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources.

Learn more about Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility governance process, including stakeholder engagement, and how our CSR teams identify important issues Governance of CSR. During the launch of A Cloud for .

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