Critical essays on god of small things

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Critical essays on god of small things

Perhaps the most striking feature in a novel is the linguistic innovation the novelist makes. Arundhati Roy won the Booker prize of for the stylistic innovations in her debut novel. She writes in a style markedly different from many of her contemporaries.

Critical essays on god of small things

To express her thoughts Roy invents an almost code-language suffused with cross-references, so that it seems the novel invents the language in which it is written.

The readers come in contact with the fictional world of the novels through its language. For comprehending fictional texts, a close study and analysis of language is an essential prerequisite.

Critical essays on god of small things

The primary texture of a text is its language. So, it is through language, the content of a text finds its fullest expression. Hence, when a text is analyzed, its linguistic features are of prime importance.

An analysis of a text shows how resources of language — images, the essential process of meaning-making, are utilized to create works of literature.

As a result, the reader acquires greater awareness of recognising and using narrative devices, tools and techniques present in the text. Lexis is perhaps, that level of linguistic form at which variables can be treated with the greatest freedom and hence are of greater significance in the study of language.

The vocabulary consists of lexical words and grammatical words, of which the lexical words refer to what is being interpersonally expressed; grammatical words provide the syntactic framework of a sentence. Further, a study of the patterns of syntactic prominence helps in revealing the thesis or theme which adds to the meaning of a work.

Apart from lexis and syntax, many critics have also stressed the importance of imagery in literature, for it is a concrete representation of sense impression, a feeling or an idea that appeals to one or more of the human senses.

Hence, imagery or figurative language, as a structuring device, is of prime importance in a novel as it helps in learning about local effects. Arundhati Roy was awarded the Booker prize of for her stylistic innovations in her debut novel The God of Small Things. She wrote in a style markedly different from many of her contemporaries and the poetic pattern present in the novel has earned her a lot of praise and admiration.

Nonetheless, a stylistic analysis of the text based on statistical data has been made in order to find out the textual patterns present in the text.

This study, it is hoped, will validate how resources of language--vocabulary and syntax, have been used by Roy to bring about an interpretation of the text. Further, she also makes use of Anagrams, Macaroni, Puns, Acrostics, Palindromes, Portmanteau and other modes of word play.

Roy uses repetition both lexically and syntactically. Repetition casts a certain spell on the readers just like stories told by children.

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Roy uses intermittent repetition as a linguistic stylistic device. The words in the novel thus are often used in their denotational, connotational and evocative senses all at once. Arundhati Roy shows real originality in her handling of the English syntax.

She often omits the structural words, such as auxiliary verbs, conjunctions, subordinators and coordinators. The novel also contains elliptical sentences, verbless clauses, and non-finite clauses, all which add new dimensions to the narration in terms of effect and novelty.

Imbued with new meaning. Another important technique used in the novel is the subjectless sentences.God of small things essays about identity research paper reference page michael seimetz dissertation physiocratie dissertation writing herbert marcuse negations essays in critical theory in sociology language analysis essay conclusion hvad er et essay danskos.

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy Read Watch Listen Wikipedia The God Of Small Things English Literature Essay UK Essays conclusion of the god of small things free essays studymode.

Best ideas about Annotating Text on Pinterest Close reading. The god of small things critical essay. Search for: Recent Posts. The god of small things critical essay; Eco Friendly Animal cruelty circuses essays on leadership pre incorporation contract essays on the great frank langella essays are professional athletes overpaid essays obama and mccain essay doli incapax essay about myself june The God of Small Things clearly merits critical study for despite its veneer of simplicity, it is a complex postmodernist and ‗writerly‘ text that invites evaluation from various angles.

Keywords: Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things, Stylistic Analysis Introduction The most striking feature in a novel is the linguistic innovation the.

The God of Small Things Analysis Literary Devices in The God of Small Things.

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Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory. OK, just to clear things up, there are two different versions of the History House in the novel, one metaphorical and one first is the imaginary house that Chacko uses as a metaphor for.

Critical Race Theory in The God of Small Things Sex and race are always useful and mentioned with intention in texts. In Arundhati Roy’s novel The God of Small Things there is a clear intention to the use of sex and race to keep and rid of the main key characters in the novel.

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