Drama as a subject in kenya s

Media contact Global, 3 July Award-winning youth drama Shuga: Love, Sex, Money will hit the airwaves today in its new radio format in six countries:

Drama as a subject in kenya s


Early this year, the Internet was almost broken with the sordid tales of the dramatic breakdown of the relationship between Betty Kyalo and her model BFF Susan Kaitanny. Later, it was revealed that Betty had broken away from her best friend after a business and personal deal gone sour.

Betty Kyalo and Susan Kaitanny during the better days Actually, things happened fast. So fast that within days, Betty had announced the termination of her relationship with Posh Palace, their joint venture which was a luxurious Beauty Spa ensconced in the lush Kilimani suburbs.

Lawyers were even thrown into the fray — for good measure. And to dominate the beauty and hair market again in the same upscale Kilimani address. Betty has now announced the opening of her own deluxe Beauty Salon.

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A post shared by Betty Kyallo bettymuteikyallo on Apr 12, at 6: Yes, take that and stick it up your… never mind. This whole fight for dominance is playing out right in the streets of Kilimani … As the friends, fans and clients of both women watch. This dicey battle for supremacy, between two beautiful media girls who were once BFFs, and who fell out acrimoniously, is playing out like a perfectly-scripted Filipino Soap Opera.

Who will blink first?

Drama as a subject in kenya s

Keep it eDaily for the second season of the hit show La Pelea de las Divas. Permission to use quotation from this article is granted subject to full credit of source being given by referencing the direct link of the article on edaily.Drama as Raila reconciles Ayacko and Obado.

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Mr Ayacko is challenging Mr Obado's election at the Court of Appeal in Kisumu, with the judgement expected in a few days. Kenya’s World Cup. Apr 07,  · Drama As Kenya's Top Female Rappers Femi One And Kyki Clash On Stage.

Drama as a subject in kenya s

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In Kenya drama is not taught as a subject in schools, though it manifests itself more in the literature syllabus in secondary schools and teacher-training colleges as literary drama.

However, there are a number of high cost private schools as well as international. Discover Your Kenya and Tanzania Safari Moment. The gallop of giraffes toward an acacia tree; thousands of zebras dashing wildly across the Mara River; or a cheetah stalking its prey before the heat of the day — thousands of scenes capture the daily drama of life in Africa.

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