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The future colony of Massachusetts Bay, a community sent from England to further Calvinist religion, wondered how they, a group of outcasts who have a habit of quarreling with authority, could construct a strong society without fighting amongst themselves. John Winthrop, in A Model of Christian Charity, proposes that the community should obey the Covenant of God in order to prosper in the perilous lands of the British colonies. Winthrop affirms the overall expectation of the colony to be a balance between the government and the Church. In addition, the community should aim to prosper through supporting the public good, as opposed to the interests of individuals, in order to serve as an example to all future communities of New England.

Essays model christian charity

Monday, January 31, Essay on Lewis and Clark Expedition Captain Lewis notices some horses, and using his spyglass discovers several Indians with them. This was a very unpleasant sight. Captain Lewis decided to make the best of the situation and approach the Indians in a friendly manner.

The Indians noticed the mean and began to run about in a confused manner. Even tough the situation did not look good to Lewis, he continued his approach. When they were about one hundred yards away from each other, all of the Indians halted except for one, who continued towards them.

Lewis approached the Indian with two of his men, they shook hands. Lewis asked by sign if the Indians were the Minnetarees of the north, they answered affirmatively. He gave gifts to the three chiefs, and they seemed satisfied.

They decided to camp together. With the assistance of Drouilliard they had conversation. That night the men kept watch of the Indians to make sure they did not try to steal their horses, there was no trouble that night. The next morning Captain Lewis was awakened by the noise of his men arguing with the Indians.

They got their guns back and Lewis forbade them to kill the Indians because they did not appear to want to kill them. As soon as the Indians saw that the men had their guns back, they ran and tried to drive off all the horses. Lewis got into a gunfight with one of the Indians and shot him in the belly.

He did not have his pouch so he could not reload his gun. He began his return very cautiously, meeting up with some of his men on the way back to the camp. They took the supplies that they needed and left in a hurry, sure that the Indians would return for them with a large party.

They traveled well into the night, finally stopping at 2 am. The next day they met up with their canoes coming down the bank of the Missouri. They continued on trying to find Captain Clark. Captain Lewis writes of setting out early one morning to the Burnt Hills in the northern most point of the Missouri, to take its latitude.

They spotted a large herd of elk and some of the men were instructed to stop and kill some of them while Captain Lewis continued on.

He arrived at the burnt hills about 20 minutes after noon, and was unable to take the latitude. He spotted a herd of elk in a thick willow bar and since his observation was lost, was determined to kill some of them.

Essays model christian charity

He set out with Cruzat only to fire at the elk. During the hunt Captain Lewis was shot in the thigh. He thought that Cruzat had accidentally shot him, but when he yelled out to Cruzat in the direction where the bullet had come, there was no reply.

Captain Lewis was now persuaded that it was an Indian who had shot him. He began to run and call out to Cruzat hoping to warn him of the Indians.


When he arrived back to the pirogue he yelled to the men to arm themselves and an Indian had wounded him. He returned, the men following, to fight the Indians and retrieve Cruzat, who he thought had been captured. He was in so much pain that he had to stop.

He returned to the pirogue and waited anxiously for the others to return. When they did return, Cruzat was with them and they reported that they had found no Indians. Cruzat said that he was sorry if he shot him and that he did not intend to.

He believed that Cruzat had shot him, though unintentionally. At about 4pm they passed an encampment that had been evacuated that morning by Captain Clark.

Captain Lewis found a not from Clark that said he had left a not for him at the entrance of the Yellowstone River, but that Sergeant Pryor had taken it.

It also said that sergeant Pryor had been robbed of his horses and had overtaken Captain Lewis at this encampment. Captain Lewis was anxious to overtake Captain Clark, who he thought could not be very far ahead of him. He was informed by the boatsman that there was a canoe and a camp of white men on the North East shore.

Lewis directed his group to go there, where they found it to be the camp of two hunters from Illinois, Joseph Dickson and Forest Hancock. The hunters informed him that Captain Clark had passed them at noon the previous day.A Model of Christian Charity is truly a literary cornerstone for this unified country of equality and freedom for all.

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John Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity" has been portrayed as one of "American literature's most important documents," (Schweninger, , p) partly because of how it represents a vision of a community of purpose and potential.

Captain Lewis notices some horses, and using his spyglass discovers several Indians with them. This was a very unpleasant sight. Captain Lewis decided to make the best of the situation and approach the Indians in a friendly manner.

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In John Winthropʼs sermon, “Model of Christian Charity,” Winthrop uses persuasive diction and figures of speech to reinforce his idea of a “city upon a hill,” which is having absolute unity and conformity in able for the colony to prosper, in which others will look to as an example for guidance.

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