Greek cosmobob

Complete vertical and horizontal analysis of the income statement. Managerial accounting provides some of the information organizations need to make decisions and meet their goals. Managerial accounting reports are prepared for internal users. Financial accounting summarizes past transactions.

Greek cosmobob

Business Executive Summary The Greek Cosmobob People from all over the world immigrate to places like Canada, not for a change of scenery but for the opportunity of a better life.

Cosmo Panetta did just that inleaving his homeland of Greece. Panetta now has several business opportunities to take a popular menu item, the Cosmobob, to the mass-market. Panetta has some important decisions to make on the future of his family business. Panetta and his family settled in Niagara Falls, Canada in InPanetta seized the opportunity to own his own business and purchased a small variety store Greek cosmobob was sold to a convenience chain in InPanetta expanded his business with the purchase of a second drive-in restaurant on Thorold Stone Road, a main industrial thoroughfare in Niagara Falls.

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Niagara Falls area attracts over Panetta credited his success to three things, a good location, high quality product, and a fair price. The Cosmobob is a pork-based souvlaki or shish kabob, which Panetta developed in Panetta wanted his product to stand apart from other lower quality souvlaki on the market and therefore named his product the Cosmobob.

Panetta had two potential options for a new facility. However, due to the lower cost of upgrading needed at the old dairy plant made it a more feasible choice between the two. Renting the old dairy plant, which is located in Niagara Falls, would also mean Panetta could maintain his current staff that were already trained and ready to go.

In FebruaryPanetta was approached by a commercial developer looking for a fast food restaurant to locate into his new mall.

Greek cosmobob

An average of cars would visit the mall and Panetta felt that it would do about 60 percent of the Thorold Stone Road sales, matching it within two years.

Panetta also consider entering the food service market on a provincial or national scale. A salesperson would have to sell cases to match the breakeven point through a food wholesaler who sold the same amount of cases. If Panetta could sell cases per month in the local market, a salesperson should be able to sell much more than that if taken to the provincial or national market.

The other option Panetta has to consider is the retail market. The retail market is highly competitive industry and expensive to introduce a new product to the retail stores.

In addition, they would require price discounts, samples, free food allowances, and cooperative advertising just to get new product acceptance. Along with good promotional support and guaranteed deliveries, supermarket chains would require a 25 percent margin on retail selling price.

Greek cosmobob

Panetta already has two successful restaurants being run by himself and his son Joe. Although the start-up cost and rent is a lot cheaper, an additional restaurant location would become a major burden on both Panetta and his son Joe to manage.

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The retail market has the most potential for profit in the long run, however due to the high cost of start-up in major supermarket chains along with all the additional placement fees, promotional fees, etc.

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Supermarket From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the type of food store. For the comic Supermarket, see Supermarket (comics)  · Cosmobob New Member. English - USA " once Europe is realized" could be used if it is already clear to the reader that uniting Europe is the goal of an ongoing project-- one can realize goals: as in " once (a united) Europe is realized it will dominate the United Nations" ='s " Greek Cosmobob.

Topics: Food, Panetta’s brainchild food item, The Cosmobob, was praised by patrons of both locations, so he began preparing for mass-market introduction and development. Cosmo was faced with a number of decisions concerning producing The Cosmobob.

There was an opportunity to open a third restaurant in the Niagara Falls

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