Master thesis lyrics canibus albums

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Master thesis lyrics canibus albums

Letra da música de Canibus: Curriculum

Do I really need to provide all of this to satisfy the reader's ability to grasp the basic premise of the site? I used plain NLTK token analysis on rap genius lyrics. I agree that there should be more cuts of the data, but you must understand the amount of time that it took me to put this together.

master thesis lyrics canibus albums

It would be silly of me to question that. I'm not paying you for that, so how can I demand anything? I'm just saying what I think should've been done. That's how I would do it, at least. You see, I have a strong opinion on that any data-analytic work is pretty close to being useless if it's not reproducible.

And I mean really close. I already mentioned few questions that naturally arise reading your article which are crucial to understand your results and are not addressed by the article. So, ideally, any data analysis done for the open community should provide both full dataset and full sources.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible: In this case description should be as pedantic as possible, because some little details can change the whole meaning of statistics entirely.

By the way, NLTK allows you to do all kinds of processing, so it isn't the answer. So what would I do? The usual course, actually: While fancy d3 graphs are cool for sure, but not nearly as useful. Maybe this is just me, but it's a little unfair to compare to literary texts. Humour me for a moment.

When an artist writes a song, he or she has constraints. Most rappers would like to rhyme the ends of their sentences. I know sometimes they don't like poetrybut it's certainly pleasing to the ear to have that constraint.

Artists endeavour to make their songs catchy, that's highly correlated with the gross sales of the product. When an artist writes a novel, this constraint is not weighted quite as highly. I know Shakespeare wrote poetry, too, and to call me out on this comparison is entirely fair.

That said, there's also an argument to be made for eye rhymes. Shakespeare used these a lot. Eye rhymes are words that don't rhyme aurally, but do rhyme visually. It's the story that pleases the reader, not necessarily its aural 'catchiness'.

I probably made that word up. But Shakespeare made words up too. The point is, you knew what I meant. At the end of the day these comparisons, while certainly interesting, should be taken with a pinch of salt.

While I'm at it, this advice can easily be extrapolated to any dataset. Always understand there may be unknown correlations. I also had several suggestions to use shakespeare's sonnets rather than plays, which I should have done.Master Thesis by Canibus [Canibus] This is the master thesis underneath the deepness Come to where you can read this Run a plot on a map hyper space 'ya.

Cenior Studies 02 lyrics - Canibus original song - full version on Lyrics Freak

View Lyrics for Master Thesis by Canibus at AZ Lyrics Miclub The Curriculum Master Thesis AZ lyrics, find other albums and lyrics for Canibus. Mic Club: The Curriculum is the studio/Mixtape Album by artist/Rapper/DJ Canibus, and Album has highlight a Rap sound. It was released/out on in English dialect, by some Music Recording Company, as the follow-up to last studio/Mixtape Album.

Letra de Curriculum — Canibus: Intro: Claims are being made, That for me go far beyond the available evidence, And often even contradicts the evidence, And that bothers me, Forensic psychologist Samual Dubois explains. Sep 21,  · Who's a better artist, Pharoahe Monch or Canibus?

How would you rate them? Also, if you want, list some of your favorite songs by both. If you never cared much for Canibus before, “Cenior Studies 02” won't change your mind: this long-winded one-verse wonder, in the vein of “Poet Laureate” and “Master Thesis” is nearly impenetrable, save for when our host panders to the audience by quoting MC Hammer.

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