Meteo roubion les business plan

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Meteo roubion les business plan

There are those who view the patent system as the seedbed of capitalism--the place where ideas and new technologies are nurtured.

meteo roubion les business plan

This is a romantic myth. In reality, patents are enormously powerful competitive weapons that are proliferating dangerously, and the U.

My own introduction to the realities of the patent system came in the s, when my client, Sun Microsystems--then a small company--was accused by IBM of patent infringement.

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Threatening a massive lawsuit, IBM demanded a meeting to present its claims. Fourteen IBM lawyers and their assistants, all clad in the requisite dark blue suits, crowded into the largest conference room Sun had. The chief blue suit orchestrated the presentation of the seven patents IBM claimed were infringed, the most prominent of which was IBM's notorious "fat lines" patent: To turn a thin line on a computer screen into a broad line, you go up and down an equal distance from the ends of the thin line and then connect the four points.

You probably learned this technique for turning a line into a rectangle in seventh-grade geometry, and, doubtless, you believe it was devised by Euclid or some such 3,year-old thinker.

After IBM's presentation, our turn came. As the Big Blue crew looked on without a flicker of emotionmy colleagues--all of whom had both engineering and law degrees--took to the whiteboard with markers, methodically illustrating, dissecting, and demolishing IBM's claims.

We used phrases like: Confidently, we proclaimed our conclusion: Only one of the seven IBM patents would be deemed valid by a court, and no rational court would find that Sun's technology infringed even that one.

An awkward silence ensued. The blue suits did not even confer among themselves. They just sat there, stonelike. Finally, the chief suit responded. But we have 10, U.Meteo France. Archived from the original (PDF) on 6 March Retrieved 6 March ^ "Normes et records Nice - Côte d'Azur (06) - altitude 4m" (in French).

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Actus du 6 novembre by p_tit_loup in Types > Brochures. Autres services météo pour les Pros Roubion Roubion () est une ville qui se situe en France dans la région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, plus précisemment dans le: Département des Alpes-Maritimes (06).

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Ils sont tous les deux pragmatiques, partagent la même vision du business, et connaissent tous les deux le secteur sur le bout des doigts. Cela ne peut que marcher», estime un dirigeant optimiste.

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