Millennial view revelation 20 1 6

Brent Kercheville Do you wonder what heaven looks like? John gets the opportunity and he tells us what he saw. There are three key texts that give us a picture of heaven.

Millennial view revelation 20 1 6

Chronology of chapters I saw an angel coming down from heaven John has previously seen other angels coming down from heaven on divine missions.

An angel with great authority came down from heaven to declare the destruction of Babylon Rev. Even before this angel takes action, we know that he is on a mission from the throne having divine authority. Given his mission, it is remarkable that he is not even described as being great or mighty.

Nevertheless, he will be able to easily dispatch Satan to his millennial prison.


The star angel opened the pit to loose the demonic locusts at the fifth trumpet judgment. Here, an angel will perform the opposite action with his key: If the star which loosed the locusts was Satan, the irony which confronts him now is being a prisoner in the very abyss which he was previously able to unlock.

See commentary on Revelation 9: This is not the first time where an angelic power will have been said to be chained: In a similar way that the rebellious angels were locked away and unable to roam, so too will be Satan.

The figure of a chain is used: In our discussion of The Rise of Allegorical Interpretationwe saw that once the tether of literal interpretation is cut, there is virtually no limit to the variety of fanciful solutions which may be provided as possible explanations for the meaning of the text.

And so it is with amillennialism which denies the plain meaning of the text and takes almost the entire passage as an imprecise approximation of the spiritual authority now present in the Church.

Kenneth J. Morgan

Here, we are told that an angel will bind Satan. Although the Church is never said to be an angel, amillennialist Kik is sure it is the Church which has this chain and that Satan is currently bound: It is not difficult to ascertain by what means Satan is bound.

The chain is the Gospel. Wherever a soul is released through the preaching of the Gospel there Satan is restrained and limited. Unfortunately the Church of today does not realize the power that Christ has given her. Christ has placed in her hands the chain by which she can bind Satan.

She can restrain his influence over the nations. But today the Church bemoans the fact that evil is becoming stronger and stronger.

Millennial view revelation 20 1 6

She bemoans the fact that the world is coming more and more under the control of the Devil. Whose fault is that? It is the Church. She has the chain and does not have the faith to bind Satan ever more firmly.

Satan is bound and the Church knows it not! Satan can be bound ever more firmly and the Church does it not!Question: "What is the end times timeline?" Answer: Got Questions Ministries takes a pretribulational approach to that perspective, here is the order of end-times events that the Bible reveals: 1.

The rapture of the church. Interpretations of Revelation (The Millennial View) Abstract This study is based on the Revelation chapter 20 verse This study highlights Concept associated with the millennium, end of millennium, timing relevant to the second coming of Christ and the occupants of the millennium kingdom.

The Millennial Kingdom is a comprehensive biblical and historical treatment of the doctrine of the millennium written for the pastor, students, scholar, or layperson. Today’s post is my final post in a series of studies in the book of Revelation.

Millennial view revelation 20 1 6

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