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Iris[ edit ] Iris portrayed by Kathy Bates is the manager of the Hotel Cortez who works at the reception desk and is often seen doing crossword puzzles.

Mrs ellison

Iris[ edit ] Iris portrayed by Kathy Bates is the manager of the Hotel Cortez who works at the reception desk and is often seen doing crossword puzzles. Despite hating staying at the hotel, she remains in order to keep proximity to her son Donovan, who despises her after divorcing his father and becoming involved in a breatharian cult, causing her to refrain from giving him proper medicine.

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She remains protective of him, pushing Sally McKenna out of a window of the hotel's seventh floor after she supplied him with China White heroin, which killed him in Since then, the two have maintained an ongoing rivalry. After Donovan rejects her in a heated confrontation, Iris enlists the help of Sally in order to commit suicide, but a damaged Donovan revives her by inflicting her with the Mrs ellison virus.

She initially rejects killing, but is driven to it when her craving for blood takes a physical toll. She teams up with Donovan and Ramona Royale to kill the Countess as revenge, despite her initial loyalty to the Countess, killing guests and detoxing them so she may serve them blood, where her relationship with Donovan begins to improve as he enjoys his mother's more murderous and rogue behavior.

Their relationship deteriorates when Donovan reunited with Elizabeth and calls off the truce between the trio. Iris warns him of his impending downfall, to which Ramona testifies to. She plans on committing suicide with her friend Liz Taylor, but decides to enact revenge on Elizabeth and gain control of the hotel.

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Donovan says it's too late for him and as a dying wish he asks her to take him off the hotel's premise. They succeed, as Donovan dies in the street, telling Iris, "I love you, Mrs ellison. Following the death of the Countess, Iris and Liz become the new managers of the Hotel Cortez, and despite some of the ghosts murderous activities they make a deal with them and March to stop killing the guests, as this will allow the hotel in to be declared a historical landmark and to maintain it as a business.

Iris also makes amends with Sally's spirit by purchasing an iPhone as a present, allowing her to become a social media star. Iris agrees to help Liz contact the missing spirit of Tristan with the help of psychic Billie Dean Howard. Billie Dean contacts a spirit who they first believe to be Tristan but Billie tells them it is Donovan's, her son.

Mrs ellison

Despite Donovan's spirit not residing in the hotel he passes on a message for Iris through Billie Dean that he is finally living a happy life in the afterlife and that he loves her, which brings joyful tears to her eyes.

Sally McKenna[ edit ] Sally McKenna portrayed by Sarah Paulsonalso known as Hypodermic Sally, is a drug addict who died on the property of the Hotel Cortez in when Iris shoved her out of a hotel window and plummeted seven stories to her death after killing her son Donovan with a contaminated heroin needle.

She has since resided in the hotel and considers it her home, unable to leave, maintaining a rivalry with Iris. She follows drug addicts around the hotel, such as Gabriel, where she uses The Addiction Demon to enact the consequences of their addiction.

She sews all of her victims into the mattresses of the hotel, one of which was found in Vendela and Agnetha's bed. She is constantly seen taunting John, believing they're destined to be lovers. She and James March have an agreement to share John, allowing James to let him be a buffer for the remaining Commandment Killings, in exchange for protection from The Addiction Demon.

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As John realizes he is the killer, he and Sally begin to bond, but he quickly leaves her for Alex, where she vows to kill him for abandoning her.

After John's death, Sally is initially depressed and feels life now has no purpose, but convinced by Iris to interact with others on a social network, after she gives her an iPhone in order to make amends for killing her, and she finally finds meaning in life by becoming a social media star.

March, is a wealthy oil business man and serial killer, who used his money to construct the Hotel Cortez in the late s, built to serve his need to kill, by incorporating secret shafts and dead end hallways to hide the victims of his murders, along with the help of his loyal servant and hotel laundress, Hazel Evers.

His father was a militant theist and was implied to be abusive toward him, resulting in James resenting religion and God. After murdering a theistic victim, James decided to commit a series of murders based on the Ten Commandments: He met Elizabeth at the opening of the Cortez, when he prevented her from committing suicide upon Rudolph Valentino's alleged death.

The two married at the Cortez, but James had had unreciprocated feelings of affection toward the Countess. When Elizabeth resumed her polygamous relationship with Rudolph and his wife Natacha Rambova, he abducted them and enclosed them in a dead end hallway, where they remained for the next 90 years.

Elizabeth initially encouraged him to use his murderous habits in a progressive manner, killing those who could offer revenue. However, it's believed that she eventually turned James in for control of the hotel and his wealth.

He killed himself in his office at 2: His office was later converted into Room 64, where the clock's alarm goes off at 2: Since his death, he and Elizabeth have come to an arrangement where she and James must have dinner one night every month.

John Lowe as his successor to complete the remaining eight Commandment Killings upon seeing John's rage, claiming he is better than killers such as Dahmer and Gacy.

Elizabeth continues to reject him, but, due to her "immense beauty", he always forgives her. He shows Elizabeth's new husband, Will Drake, Bartholomew, Elizabeth's only biological son and likely James' son as well.

Mrs ellison

Will insults the child and Elizabeth kills him in a fit of rage. He later kills Queenie for Ramona, where he asks her to kill Elizabeth so her ghost can spend eternity with him in the hotel.Mrs.

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Mrs. Ellison's 6th Grade Literature and 7th Grade Science: Home Mrs. Ellison Literature Wish List Science Web Sites Book Orders Extra Credit Mrs. Ellison. American Horror Story: Hotel is the fifth season of the FX horror anthology series American Horror season’s theme is addiction and revolves around the Hotel Cortez, an enigmatic hotel owned by a bloodsucking fashionista named The Countess.

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