On writing a memoir of the craft sparknotes huck

Background[ edit ] Stephen King began composing On Writing in After completing the "C.

On writing a memoir of the craft sparknotes huck

He turned out one or two novels a year for over twenty-five years, bringing his grand total of novels, short stories, screenplays, and even comic books to over forty. Ever since he published his first book, CarrieKing has been asked how he writes on a regular basis. He hints around in interviews and in the forewords to his books, but only now does he finally tell the reader the truth in On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

King has dividedOn Writing into three main parts: Unlike other writing books, King writes On Writing as he would write anything else, with the honesty and middle-class crudeness that his fans would expect of him.

on writing a memoir of the craft sparknotes huck

Unlike other biographies where the author tells everything from beginning to end, King honestly says that he cannot remember everything. Instead, he offers the reader little vignettes from his life, skipping years here and there as need be. The reader sees over and over again how King escaped poverty by writing.

The fact that King was writing about the films he saw or anything else that crossed his mind did not really matter. He was writing, and just that by itself was an accomplishment.

Writing was hard work, but King loved it. His best example of this is when he was a sports writer for the LisbonWeekly Enterprise, his local newspaper. John Gould, the editor, showed him what to leave in and what to take out.

It was simple, and King says Gould showed him in ten minutes the things that he still uses today. The rest of the autobiography tells how King met his wife, Tabitha, started a family, and how Carrie almost did not happen.

King also deals with, for the first time in print, his battles with alcohol and drugs in great detail. He started drinking during a high school senior trip to Washington, D.

Byhe had added cocaine to his problems. He says that many books he wrote during this time he cannot remember very well, and his novel Cujo he barely remembers writing at all.

He finally gave up his addictions after his wife took his wastebasket full of cigarettes, cocaine, beer cans, and other paraphernalia out of his office and told him to choose between them and their marriage. King was writing Misery at this time, a tale about a writer held hostage and forced to take drugs, and he was wondering if the fictional writer and King himself were one and the same.

King chose to save his marriage. He talks about active and passive verbs, explains why a writer should never use adverbs, and provides examples of good and bad writing. King uses this section to put down on paper what he does and does not do; he says these rules will work for any writer, but they are really either for beginning writers or just those who are curious to know how Stephen King writes.

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on writing a memoir of the craft sparknotes huck

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Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. On writing a memoir of the craft Nashville Public Library November 19th, - If you don t have the time to read you don t have the time or the tools to write In Stephen King began to write rutadeltambor.com  · On Writing: A Memoir.

Stephen King. pp, Hodder. £ Buy it at BOL 'I like to get 10 pages a day, which amounts to 2, words," says Stephen King in his new memoir, On rutadeltambor.com://rutadeltambor.com

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