Should teachers strike

Posted by Editors EdReformIn The NewsPolicyPoliticsSchoolsTeachingUnions Saturday, October 12th, On October 17th the main teaching unions in England have organised a day of strikes also known as industrial action, or walkouts that will shut most schools and cause a good deal of disruption to the daily routines of millions of people across the country. However, this week alone teacher strikes have also been witnessed in Spain, Chile, Brazil, Bangladesh and Tunisia. The months prior have also seen strikes globally. The stated reasons for strike action in these few weeks alone vary as much as the countries that suffer them.

Should teachers strike

You must be logged in to comment. Click here to log in. William Collins commented That way when teachers strike, parents will have the option of moving their kids to a school that actually values the students over the teachers. In this way, eventually we can do away with the school boards, since the ministry of education runs everything anyway.

I hate to say it, but it is time to look seriously at the system John Tory proposed three elections ago. Only then will accountability be introduced into the school system.

I don't know.

Flag This Comment Edward Jobin commented Why should they be able to hold the kids hostage. I get sick of seeing the Should teachers strike strikers who always get their demands using the students to protest along with them and tell the camera how much they love and value their teachers.

The courses should be geared towards helping people find employment and learn to control finances. And what do we get for the money? It is an embarrassment to what can be achieved with low overhead and without hijacking the economy to pay for their huge salaries and endless strikes. I also remember my mother once telling me she drove by the school board headquarters and commented it looked like the Taj Mahal on the tax payers dime.

Flag This Comment Donald Howard commented Public sector workers should not be unionized nor allowed to participate in any kind of work stopage. Flag This Comment liza Rosie commented When I pass striking teachers I always say shame and shake my finger at them.

Should teachers be allowed to strike? |

How can they sleep at night. How are they not totally embarrassed standing in the street with signs, asking for more and more and more? It boggles my mind.

I really really would like to see them sink or swim in the free market. People want choice and quality education for their kids.

Should teachers strike

More people are turning to alternative school choices, enrolment is starting to reflect that. We need a voucher system. Quality private sector alternatives would pop up to satisfy the need.

Let the public school system die, it is all it deserves. Flag This Comment John Allen commented Working conditions that most Canadians would love to to have. If you really hate this job so much, with your unlimited sick days, pd days and summers off then get the hell out out of it.

Flag This Comment Michael Smeding commented Flag This Comment Henry Reardon commented I make very good money and get great benefits yet my union has the nerve to demand better working conditions. Since so many are in a union themselves, they will stand behind teachers, regardless.

I would really like to see the whole public school system scrapped. Like that will ever happen. Wayne Allen commented Arizona teachers have finally returned to their classrooms after a six-day strike over salary increases.

Even worse, the thousands of teachers across the state who chose not to go to work simply because they wanted more money had already been promised a pay raise.

Yes they should be allowed.

Is it ok for teachers to go on strike or should they employ other means? |

I do believe that teachers have the right to go on strike because that allows them to express their opinions and make them able to teach our children and our next generation Without teachers the . Jun 22,  · On Sunday morning one of our primary school teachers approached me and asked for my view on industrial action.

They face the possibility of strike action next week. I suddenly realised that I really didn’t have a view. An Illinois House subcommittee is expected to hold public hearings this week.

Should teachers strike

They’re looking at how to limit the ability of teachers' unions to . Sep 11,  · by Sharon H Chang By now many of you have probably heard about the massive teacher strike launched this week in Seattle Public Schools, the largest school district in Washington state.

TEACHERS in the Kent School District risk squandering money and the public’s goodwill if they do not return to the classroom.

A King County judge who first ruled the strike was illegal and.

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