The dutch and english essay

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The dutch and english essay

Ethnic make-up[ change change source ] Sri Lanka has three main ethnic groups. They differ in their religions and origins, and there has often been difficulties between the groups.

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The total population of the island is over 20 million people, and rapidly expanding. The largest of the three groups is the population of Sinhalese peoplemost of whom are Buddhistand who have their own language, Sinhala.

The second largest group is the Tamil people, who are Hindu. There are about 2, Tamils in Sri Lanka. The third largest group is the Sri Lankan Moors, who are Muslim. There are over one and a half million people in this group. They use Tamil as their language today. There are a number of smaller ethnic groups, of which the Veddas are notable because they may be the original inhabitants of the island, or at any rate the earliest to survive today.

They have " indigenous people " status in the island. European influences[ change change source ] The island was subject to waves of European settlement and eventually colonisation.

The dutch and english essay

The Portuguese in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Dutch in the 17th and 18th centuries, and lastly the British from to The British, always interested in trade, developed plantations of coffee and tea.

Tea was planted after a fungus destroyed the coffee plantations in The tea plantations were the basis of Sri Lankan prosperity for a hundred years. Lastly, rubber plantations were started in the early 20th century. InCeylon became the world's leading exporter of tea, withtonnes of tea being shipped internationally annually.

InCeylon changed its name officially to the Republic of Sri Lanka, and is still a member of the Commonwealth. Since then tourism has rapidly grown as a source of foreign investment and currency. The Lion is holding a sword in its right paw. There is a crimson background with four leaves in each corner.

There is a yellow border. On the left of the flag there are the colors green and saffron.Essay translated between Dutch and English including synonyms, definitions, and related words. Essay on the dutch golden era in long island. Posté le octobre 7, par. Tips for writing narrative essay college famous topics for essay in english essay about organized crime meaning why study in china essay plan best essay about friendship year.

How different were the strategies of the Dutch and English East India Companies between and ? Edward Duncan This is an essay from my undergraduate . Top tips for writing better essays.

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Dutch Baroque and French Realism Johannes Vermeer The Milkmaid Circa Xx CM Jean-François Millet Woman Baking Bread 55 x 46 CM Rasmussen, Amsterdam, Netherlands Rasmussen, Otter, Netherlands Oil Painting Oil Painting Dutch Baroque vs.


The dutch and english essay

The English word "Dutch" derives from the German deutsch ("German"). "Dutch" referred originally to both Germany and the Netherlands but came to be restricted to the people and language of the Netherlands when that country became independent in the seventeenth century.

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