Xacc225 syllabus

What is strategic management? What are the roles of mission and vision statements in strategic management?

Xacc225 syllabus

Course Descriptions ACC Does not satisfy program concentration requirement in business-related curricula; may not be taken for credit if credit has previously been received.

ACC or higher. Principles of Accounting I. Covers major accounting theories, principles, and applications. Regular classroom and online formats available. Principles of Accounting II. Continues focus on accounting theories, principles, and applications. Accounting for Managers 3 Credits Focuses on sources of accounting information and the meaning financial reports as an aid to decision-making.

Microcomputer Applications in Accounting. Knowledge of programming is not necessary. Projects emphasize accounting applications. Introduction to Spreadsheet Accounting. Use of spreadsheets recordkeeping, computation, analysis and presentation of accounting data is covered.

ACC with C or higher. Emphasis examining accounting records and drawing valid audit conclusions. Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting.

Covers general, special revenue, enterprise, and fiduciary funds and cash planning control. The course includes information on current technologies in information systems including hardware, software, networks, databases, and data communications. Internal controls security issues are examined.

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The course emphasizes the federal income treatment of corporations and partnerships with some coverage estates and trusts. ACC H Honors Colloquium in Accounting 3 Credits This Honors colloquium will examine special topics in the field of accounting and its relevance across disciplinary perspectives.

The issues to be addressed in each colloquium will vary from semester to semester.Withdrawal Policy. A student has the privilege of withdrawing from any courses or from the College itself without academic penalty up to and including the final date for . Virginia Darlene Gardner, CPA, MPA. Office: Giles Hall.

Office Hours: Available via email or phone.

Xacc225 syllabus

Emails preferred and will be responded in a timely fashion. The first quiz of the semester will test students on the syllabus and honor code. This quiz will be available the first week of classes and must be completed no later than June.

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LISTED TOPICS: 1. Auditing 2. The audit planning process 3.

Xacc225 syllabus

Internal controls 4. Auditing the revenue business process 5. Audit evidence and the auditor's responsibility for fraud detection. Course Description: This course covers the application of accounting principles and concepts to account evaluation and income determination, including special problems peculiar to corporations and the analysis of financial reports.

ACC Cost Accounting BUS Business Law I BUS Business Communication 3 0 0 3 Totals 14 4 0 ACCOUNTING. SPRING SEMESTER 2. ACC Intermediate Accounting II ACC Selected Topics - Forensic Accounting ACC Selected Topics in Accounting ACC INCOME TAX PROCEDURES Revised: 10/ Page 1 of 2 ARIZONA WESTERN COLLEGE SYLLABUS ACC INCOME TAX PROCEDURES Credit Hours: 3 Lec 3.

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